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God and GPS


God and GPS

I just found this text; I wrote it a few years ago, sometime after my wife was diagnosed with Tarlov cysts and the pain they inflicted on both of us.  So it applied more then than now, except it will probably apply again in the future, because of the variable nature of the cysts.  I think it has application to all of us, because we will eventually end up on a road not of our own choosing.  Some of you are there now, or have come out of the fog to a new normal.

God never promised us a pleasant life, but a life guarded and guided by His Presence.  We are never alone, even when we think we are.  Jesus on the Cross, thinking His Father had forsaken Him, comes to mind.  But the Father was there all the time.  So He is with us, even when we can’t sense it.  May that give us hope and security when the way gets really really hard.


I saw a video awhile back that was about Mary, Jesus’ mother, and her view of what was happening to Him during the crucifixion.  Because of the way His miraculous life started as a baby, I’m sure she was thinking of how it wasn’t supposed to end this way, this horrible suffering on a cross, of how this couldn’t possibly be God’s plan.

The narrator in the video mentioned it’s like a GPS, where it informs you to make a turn down a dark, scary, hard, unpaved road, so bad you have to get out of the car and walk.  You just know that it’s not the “right” way to go, but the GPS is insistent that it is.  You wonder if God has the right maps loaded, don’t understand why this particular road, especially when it’s obviously going in a different direction than you had planned and assumed.  Our tendency is to input our own directions on how to get there but the map is part of software and we can’t alter it.   As we make the turn, the GPS starts saying “recalculating”, to now cope with the new uncertain territory.

So my wife and I are recalculating.  The road we were on had nice scenery, pleasant weather, places for rest and relaxation, cozy future, love and laughter.  Well, we still have the love and laughter part but the view is shrouded in mist and the way is hard, stony, and hard to walk on, making us stumble.  So we, hand in hand, slowly progress in this new way, knowing there is no way back to the place in the road where the GPS had us turn, resting in the fact that only God can now sustain us and care for us and not we ourselves, in this totally uncertain territory.

And that is as it should be.




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