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Book Quotes from Holy Transformation by Chip Ingram


Starting quotes from a new book today, Holy Transformation by Chip Ingram.  It’s about living out the change that God has worked in at salvation.  Great book and worth the read.

When a person is in Christ, there are predictable and supernatural changes from the inside out that we not only hope for, but expect to happen, in each of our lives.

As you experience holy transformation, you will know it isn’t you.

The tragedy is that many  people have understood that they are sinners before God and that Christ has paid the penalty for their sin.  They have repented and turned to Christ for the forgiveness of their sin, asked Him to come into their lives and been born spiritually.  Yet they have been led to believe that what they have just experienced is the extent of the Christian life.

In order to gain your balance to walk, you have to risk falling.

You show me a Christian that is not involved in authentic community and I will show you a Christian who is not changing – period.

The process [of change] occurs, not in a monastery or merely in our personal devotional life, but foremost in our relationship with others.

The process is not easy,  It’s not getting more of Jesus.  It’s Him getting more of you.

Once we understand who we are in Christ, there are specific attitudes that we must choose to practice whether we feel like it or not.

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