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Book Quotes from gods at war by Kyle Idleman


More quotes from the book gods at war by Kyle Idleman.

(quote from TS Elliot)  “God is the still point in the turning world.”

God’s greatest gifts are also His greatest tests.  The more beautiful a thing is, the more capacity it has to become an idol.  The more I fear losing it, the more likely I am to worship it…Can you love the gift in such a way that it makes you love the giver more?

Abraham was a wealthy man but God didn’t test him there…if anything would pull Abraham’s eyes from his Lord, it would be this child (Isaac)…The longer he delayed, the easier it would become to disobey…In choosing God over everything else, he is defining what it means to worship.

If you had to choose between the gift and the Giver, who wins?

…a false god…recreates us in its own image.

God is jealous.  He wants to provide us those things [satisfaction, significance, salvation] and He is the only one who can .  It’s irrational to become upset at someone else for failing to give us happiness and satisfaction [that’s] not in their power to give.

The sources of our greatest and deepest emotional expression provide the strongest clue to who or what controls us.

The foundation of reality is that there is one God and you are not Him.

The god of me is the most relentless idol of them all.

This is the end of quotes from this book.  I highly recommend you buy a copy for yourself and read it and underline and mark it up.  If taken seriously, the message of the book has the potential to be a real life changer.  If you deal with things and people in your life that,m if taken away, would be the death of you, then you need to read this book, for you have fallen into the trap of having a powerless idol that controls you life, promising way more than it can deliver.  As hard as it is to hear, this includes your spouse and kids.

There are to be no other gods in our lives.  God is to be the Supreme Ruler, holding sway over every area, not just another ruler among many.  May you have the insight and strength to make it so.

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