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Wisdom for the Day


We pray for God to change our circumstances when they are the very thing God is using to change us.

Oh God, helps us not to be Christians in general but Christians in specific.

A repaired part may break again, but if done right, will break in another location.  So it is with God’s servants.

Are you amazed by God?  If not, you then don’t understand the sinfulness of your sin nor the love and mercy of Jesus.

Want to take your money to heaven?  Put it into something that is going there.

There are no 99% Christians.  Either you are or you aren’t.

If God’s “means” to bless you become an “end” for you, it has become an abhorred idol and a curse.

Everything we buy is costume jewelry.

To say we will be overwhelmed by our entrance into heaven is the epitome of understatement.

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