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Questions Regarding Sin in My Life


Years ago,  I led a small group Bible study.  In this study, there was a woman who was living with her boyfriend.  My wife and I counseled her many times and she would weep, acknowledging she was living in sin but just couldn’t leave (they had bought a house together).  Her guilt was real but not enough to act on. Because there were other singles in the group that were starting to be affected, and some there saw our group as their church, I sought counsel with the pastors I was under at our church and they agreed something needed to be done.

I shared a lesson with the group defining “Biblical church discipline”, and then presented that she was the one the lesson was about (she wasn’t there) and that she had been asked to no longer attend.  To make it possible for her to do the right thing, my wife and I asked her to move in until they got married and she accepted.
(A side note, there was another woman there who thought during the whole time I was sharing the lesson that it was about her…she was having sex with her boyfriend; I didn’t know anything about this.  She moved to another city and broke of the relationship.)

I wrote this series of questions for the following week so that those attending wouldn’t get smug about their own lives before God.   I hope that there might be something here that will help you evaluate your own dance with sin and make the move to switch partners, to the King of Kings, Jesus.

I know that in our culture today, living together in sin has become the norm, has almost replaced marriage as the living arrangement of choice, and that this has seeped into the church.  But sliding cultural values do not define Biblical truth nor do these truths become obsolete because many deem it so.  Sin is still sin, regardless of how many follow the world’s Siren-call to shipwreck.

Each one of these could be a blog post in itself.  Don’ think because I didn’t flesh these out means that they don’t apply to you.

Questions Regarding Sin in My Life

Does God rank sin from bad sins, to really bad sins, to horrible sins, and then treats me differently, depending on the ranking of the particular sin I harbor in my heart?

If God disciplines His children (and He does), why do I think God seems at times to overlook and ignore my willful sin and not discipline me for it?  What’s the purpose of His patience? (repentance)  Am I being presumptuous with God’s grace, mercy and patience in continuing in this sin?

When I persist in a given sin, how does God view my relationship with Him?  Does He see me in rebellion against His clear commands and principles of Holiness?

If personal Holiness isn’t a priority now for me, what’s to say it will become a priority later, and what will it take for me to finally get serious about it?

Is there any price too high to pay to be pure in the sight of God?

God says, “Be Holy as I am Holy.”  Can I truly say that this is my goal, my heart cry as a Christian?

Have I sanctified (“set apart unto God”, submitted/yielded) all areas of  my life to God?  If not, why not?

Have I earnestly prayed to the Lord for guidance regarding a particular temptation?  If so, what did I do with His answer?

Can I expect God’s blessing on my life and plans for the future if I willfully persist in a pet sin?

In Christian circles, there is mention of being a “practical atheist”, one who adamantly confesses faith in Jesus but then lives like the world in a certain area.  In what areas of my life might this term apply to me?

Is my relationship with Christ really first in my life or has it taken second place to my pet sin?

What is the difference between remorse and repentance, and how does this apply to me and my pet sins?

“If I regard sin in my heart, the Lord will not hear.” (King David)  Do I really think God will answer my prayers for myself and others, regarding any topic, with a persistent sin in my life?

If the result of sin is complex circumstances, is God trustworthy and powerful enough to take care of the details if I repent?

Sowing and Reaping:   Do I expect to go on, day after day,  and not suffer any consequences for my sin?   “It’s never too late to do the right thing.”    If I repented right now, what will I gain?  What will I lose?

If I harbor a secret sin, how am I being affected by this sin?

What  negative effects is it having on me physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually?

What price am I paying for persistence in sin?

What do I gain if I repent?

What price do I pay if I don’t?

What spiritual growth isn’t happening because of a pet sin?

Pets are usually well fed, cared for and protected.  How am I feeding, caring for and protecting  my pet sin?

Sin usually comes through a door intentionally left open.  What doors do you need to close, lock, and nail shut?

If I persist in ignoring the call of the Holy Spirit to repentance, how long does it take for my heart to become hardened to it?  If somehow I have been able to ignore that “still quiet voice” of the Holy Spirit’s conviction, how long will it be before I don’t hear it at all?

If I were truly living out the Christian principles I profess on Sundays, do I think I would be able to do so without emotional consequences when I am disobedient to God and His clear teaching and commands?

“The most tragic moment for a Christian is when God finally gives me what I want.”  What is it I want?

            This woman felt this sin was “OK” because in college, she was in a Bible study where a highly respected leader had moved in with her boyfriend and that influenced her future thinking.
“When I persist in sin, an innocent person will probably be hurt.”
“What’s your sin going to cost me, anyway?”
“No one sins in isolation”
How do I think my  “private” sins affect others?
How about my church family?

             Am I one of the “hearers but not a doers” James writes about?

Jesus says, “If you love me, keep my commandments”.  According to what I do, not by what I say, do I truly love Jesus?

Can I truly say I love another believer and not confront/hold them accountable for sin?

What example am I to the unsaved of a wholly committed, Holy Christ-like Christian?  What vision of a Holy God are they getting from me?

Am I the most righteous person my children, spouse and friends know?  If not, why not?



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