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Quotes from Books: God’s at War, by Kyle Idleman


More quotes from God’s at War, by Kyle Idleman.  Great book on our culture and compromise.  I urge you to buy the book and then actually read it!

That’s a choice we can make every day when we choose to make our relationship with God more important than anything else on the calendar, or to do  list … working hard and achieving goals are an important part of a God-glorifying life.  But they are not life.  They are not even a measuring stick for the worth of a life … we want our achievements to … pave the way as we move through life.

What we’ve done begins to define who we are.

We have to let go of a lot of garbage before we can gain the one thing worth having – but we’re very attached to that garbage.  It seems like a part of us.

God doesn’t’ need our resumes; He wants us.  It takes a lot of faith to let go of all that junk and take hold of the Cross with both hands.

Don’t just choose what is good; choose what is better.  Abraham Kuyper, “There is not one square inch of the domain of our human existence over which Christ, Who is sovereign over all, does not cry, “Mine, that belongs to me.”

….Life was not ultimately defined by what he had done but by Who he belonged to.

This freedom to fail often results in greater accomplishments.


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