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Wisdom for the Day


The question is not, “Is this wrong to do?”  It’s, “Is this the wise thing to do?”  There are lots of morally acceptable things one can do but they aren’t wise choices.

If you don’t forgive a person who has severely wronged you, you are saying their sin is 1000 times worse than yours, but the Cross says different.

God will let you trust in whatever you want but when disaster strikes, you will find out  just how bankrupt you are.

To really decide, to really commit your life to Jesus, means you cut off all your options.

Nobody is born content – we come into this world grasping tightly to anything we can get our hands on.  Contentment is a learned and cultivated state of being, because “I don’t need it” goes against the greed we are born with and everything our culture stands for.


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