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Book Quotes – The Church Has Left the Building, by Hayford 3


More quotes from “The Church Has Left The Building, by Jim Hayford, An appeal for church leaders to get back to the basics”.  If you are a church leader, you need to read this book.

We are not to “use” people to accomplish our goals and agenda.  As leaders we have been told to “develop” people into all they can be in Jesus.

[Under section on looking for leaders]  Look for someone who is not interested in fame and power.  Jesus made it very clear that those who were going to be His disciples would have to settle  the “Gentile” or secular issues of coercive power.  He could only use servants – selfless people who were not seeking responsibility or position for the sake of “lording it” over others.

The local church looking to grow and reproduce needs a non-manipulated, Spirit-directed plan born in the Word and confirmed through prayer and fasting.

[Having a missionary guest come to speak on becoming a World Christian will challenge us to become one]  While they might help, no amount of missions conferences, missionary guests, trips to foreign countries, or book reports can take the place of one individual opening his heart wide to the world in a prayer of repentance for being self-consumed to the point of utter unconcern or disdain for a world full of alcoholism, sex perversion, HIV virus, child abuse, homelessness, hunger, occultism, paganism, and ignorance.  It’s time for all of us to become “World Christians.”

[In the last chapter]  Let’s burn our suggestions boxes and get out our Bibles.  Let’s cancel a few committee meetings and go to our knees, asking the Lord to show us what His church is supposed to look like in our town or city.  By keeping things simple and obeying the commands of the “Head of the Church,” we can then find excellence in doing a few things well, rather than in the trap of spreading ourselves thin, competing with the world’s program, and allowing our cultural expectations to define our churches rather than the way it’s supposed to be – the church defining the culture and it’s norms and behavior.



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