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Book Quotes from The Church Has Left the Building, by Jim Hayford…2


More quotes from “The Church Has Left The Building,  An appeal for church leaders to get back to the basics” 2.  By Jim Hayford.  First quotes here.

…I believe that it is possible but problematic, for a congregation to grow beyond its spiritual leader in areas of primary spiritual understanding.  In other words, as a pastor or leader, don’t expect those who look to you for leadership to become worshipers if you are not one yourself.

Sometimes the talent of the musicians and the charisma of the leaders can distract worshipers from the one they are worshiping (Jesus) and fix their attention on a performance.  Musicians and leaders have to learn to be the means to an end (the exaltation of the Lord Jesus Christ)  and not ends unto themselves.

We did not want people coming to the church building so they could worship.  Our goal was that what we did called “praise” or “worship” at the gatherings was simply an overflow of what was going on normally and regularly where we lived and worked.

Many spiritual leaders today seem to think of the ministry as a form of entertainment.  By this I mean that their goal is applause…Like so many canaries, pastors and leaders find themselves swinging from their perch, hope to attract  some attention and hopefully do well enough that everyone will clap and come back next week…The Hollywood and Broadway criteria of a “packed-out house” is usually the way many today determine success…The development of meaningful and accountable relationships for the purpose of spiritual maturity and personal fulfillment is forgotten and trampled in the mad rush to the ticket booth of entertainment-type spiritual leadership.

The sooner today’s spiritual leaders understand and correct this “slide” toward a Hollywood model of discipleship rather than a biblical model, the sooner we can rightfully assume the correct definition of the mandate to “Go and make disciples.”

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