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Quotes from Books…gods at War by Kyle Idleman


More quotes from book:   gods at War by Kyle Idleman

The quotes from this book are just a tiny bit of the underlining and bracketing I have made in it.  You really need to get this book and absorb what he has to say for your life.

We don’t pray for our daily bread because we have a pantry full.

If money and success are your gods, may you be so blessed as to have them taken away from you, rather than spend your life bowing down to them only to find out you missed the real thing.

Even though experientially we know money won’t satisfy us, we seem to always be chasing it….Simplicity is highly underrated and wealth brings unanticipated complications.

“Materialism is toxic for happiness” and those who are less concerned about accumulating and spending are more likely to experience contentment. (says Ed Diener, psychologist researcher)

Forgiveness is the trait most strongly linked to happiness.  “It’s the queen of all the virtues and probably the hardest to come by,” (says psychologist Christopher Peterson)

The god of money wants us to believe our significance comes from what we make of ourselves.  But we find our true identity in Christ.  He has marked us as His own and that’s what makes us valuable.  That’s where our value is found.  He forever determines our value when He died on the cross for us.

Are you looking to money to do for you what God wants to do for you?

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