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Wisdom for the Day


What we want to do as Christians is put on the new life without taking off the old life.  That’s like dressing a filthy stinking pig in a $10,000 suit;  God isn’t impressed and neither is anyone else.

Affluenza:  A painful, contagious, socially transmitted disease.
Symptoms:  Symptoms include debt, anxiety, and waste, resulting from the dogged pursuit of more.
Additional symptoms: Feelings of dissatisfaction and unhappiness occur frequently.
Causes: It is caused by the twin viruses of discontent and greed.
Cure:  The only known cure are extreme acts of generosity.

For there to be true life change, regret for being caught must turn into the confession, the of admitting guilt, with true sorrow.  This is the first step of true repentance.

The most effective ministry from the pulpit is that which is supported by godliness from the pew.

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