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Words as Weapons


Millions (billions?) of words have been said and written about the shooting in Las Vegas.  I don’t have much to add to the discussion but I do want to share something from a different perspective.

We all know that what happened was a shooting of tragic proportions.  It is hard to comprehend the terror and chaos such an event would cause, not only for those there but for those around them, and in their futures, from that moment on. What this man did caused extreme suffering and pain in lives of thousands.  What he did was despicable, cowardly, and pure evil.

But I heard today an additional perspective of this.  We abhor and are angered by those who use any means to kill and maim innocent people.  But are we not guilty of the same thing, when we spew angry hate-filled words at those around us, even some we love, intending to kill and destroy them mentally and emotionally?   Is the destruction any less, especially when aimed at innocent children?  Are the lifelong effects of the bullets of sarcasm, racism, belittling, and hatred any less than an actual bullet making its way through soft tissue?  And some of the worst offenders are those who say they love God.

Are your words an injection of an antibiotic that heals wounds or are they bullets that tear and shred the soul?  For if we use words like bullets, then we have no standing to speak against the shooter in Las Vegas or anywhere else for that matter.  It is only a matter of degree, but the long term effects are the same.  Those of you who have been on the receiving end of such words know what I mean.  Evil words aimed at the soul don’t pass through to be eventually healed, but take root and last a life time and will affect many generations, affecting possibly thousands of people.

There is the children’s saying:

“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.”

This is a lie of satan.  There are many of you who can remember exactly where it happened and the exact words shot into you that still hurt and bleed, and have negatively affected every day of your life since.  And what is sad is that those of us who are hurt by these bullets of anger, hate and bitterness end up using the same weapon against others.

So be careful before you go off on the shooter in Las Vegas.  Look deep into your own past and see if you have picked up a rapid-fire mouth and unloaded round after round of hatred and bitterness into someone who was least expecting it and who had no defense against your barrage.    You may be just as guilty as this man.   He is dead and there is no retribution or restitution that can be made that will give back what he has taken away.  But for those we have wounded, we do have the opportunity to go with a contrite attitude and ask forgiveness.  Our attempts to heal may not have the intended effect, and that’s up the hearer to do with them what they will.  But to have the humility and repentant spirit to at least try is all that is asked of us.  To do otherwise is to leave those wounded people bleeding in the street, when you, the perpetrator, have the ability to stop the bleeding.



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