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Wisdom for the Day


God freed the Jews from Egypt in one day but it took 40 years in the desert to try and get Egypt out of the Jews.  He was unsuccessful.  Will He have more success with you?

There is no amount of “religion” or devotion that will show God your love without an undivided heart.

Self dies oh so hard and very few carry out the execution successfully.

True greatness in life is to master yourself.

He is a great conqueror indeed who has tamed his own passions.

Salvation is all of the grace of God;  damnation is all of the will of man.

A job well done has consequences beyond just the financial reward.

I would sooner be a toad under a rock than to be a Christian who tries to conceal his Christianity.   Spurgeon.

One of the most dangerous words you can believe is “mine”.

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