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Wisdom for the Day


Is your faith strong enough to cut off your options?  Is it faith if you don’t?

Looking leads to fascination.
Fascination leads to fixation.
Fixation leads to obsession.
Obsession leads to addiction.
Be very careful what you look at.

We smile at the child who chants, “I want a Happy Meal!  I want a Happy Meal!”  But we’re the same way about things, and when we get them, the “Happy” never satisfies for long.  Our garages are full of “Happy Meals”.

Contentment is the inner freedom of not wanting more.

Your happiness and comfort are not God’s primary concern.  It may even be way down on His list of priorities for you.

No amount of things will bring contentment.

God may not give us enough for tomorrow but He always gives us enough for today.

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