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Quotes from Books….Gods at War, by Kyle Idleman


More quotes from the book, Gods at War by Kyle Idleman

“[Entertainment is] America’s newest and fastest growing religion, far outdistancing whatever is second place.”  Charles Prebish

“One of the great uses of Twitter and Facebook will be to prove at the Last Day that prayerlessness was not from lack of time.”  (John Piper)  The Lord God has often lost out when competing with the gods of entertainment for our time and attention.

[A friend was showing a picture of a home in India where all the furniture was facing an idol.  He then realized that] every seat in our room was carefully positioned to face the 50″ flat screen on my mantel….I’m not anti-entertainment, I’m just wondering if we’ve gone from watching it to worshiping it.

The average American watches more than 4-1/2 hours of TV every day.

What does your family spend the most time doing together?

Our own false gods tend to be invisible to us;  I can probably see yours, but I’ll miss detecting my own.  Here’s a clue:  discover what the chairs of your heart are aligned around.  Around what does everything orbit in your life?  What are the locked in dates on your calendar, the essential items in your budget?

We seek amusement because we don’t want to think.

[my note: it’s interesting that the word “muser” from the old French means “stare stupidly”.  Yep, we got that part right….]

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