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Notes on looking for a Biblical Church part 10


Notes on looking for a Biblical Church part 10
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  1. Complementary roles of men and women believed and taught

I may lose a few of you with this one…here goes:

This goes along with #8 and 9.  There has been a movement in the church for decades to be more “inclusive” in doctrine and belief, and one of the things that has resulted is a redefining what the roles are for men and women.  The Bible teaches that God created men and women equal in His creation but He has assigned different complementary roles for them to play out, not only in the church, but also in the family (complementarianism).

These roles are not more or less important or significant, just different, with different responsibilities in the church and the family.  The Bible is clear about these roles, but that does not sit well with those leaning towards the more liberal feminist interpretations of Scripture, (especially to those who want to cater to the current secular mentality), so these sections of the Bible are re-worded and reinterpreted to mean something other than the plain reading of the text, to the point that men and women have equal roles (egalitarianism).    These new roles are meant to not only apply in the church leadership (women in spiritual leadership over men and ordained) but also in the home, something totally against the created order, made clear in many passages.  To defend women being ordained into the ministry, I have heard, “God never intended…”, which is the same argument used by satan to Eve in the Garden.  A pastor recently said, “I am not a liberal” and then proceed to preach, regarding ordination of women, “God is doing a new thing….” When one takes that view, anything is possible in the church or family or culture at large.

So I am looking for a Biblical church that believes and teaches these Biblical concepts of equal standing before God but different roles as given clearly in Scripture, and will use these concepts as a basis for leadership, roles in the church, and especially in marriage counseling.   There is nothing in God’s Word to restrict a woman from fulfilling her gifts and callings.  He has used women for His will in ministry for millennia and will continue to do so.  It just seems it rankles some that God restricts them from just a few roles in the church (elder, ordination for authority over men), to the neglect of all else they can have influence on with their feminine strengths and gifts.   And it seems they will do just about everything possible to twist the Scriptures to make it fit their preconceived logic and ideas.

Though I may have lost some of you on this point, that’s ok.  After you have gotten over your emotional response and thinking I am a bigot or sexist (easy labels to give but not so easy to Biblically defend), if you can find Biblical reasons for me to change my position, then give it a shot.  But I have read a lot of material on this and found liberal compromise on page after page, with lots of “God never intended….”, supposed or stated as such.

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