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Notes on looking for a Biblical Church part 8


Notes on looking for a Biblical Church part 8
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  1. Does not cater to consumer mentality

This ties in with #4.  It seems the larger a church gets, the more this happens, I guess because there is money for it.  But when the world dictates what worship will look like, sound like, and contain, then the church is in deep trouble with sheep and goats.  Because from what I have seen and experienced, no matter how sincere the leadership is, the goats are determining the content not only of the choice of songs sung in worship, how they are sung and what Sunday morning production looks like, but they are also catered to in the sermon content and presentation.

I always thought church was for the training of the saints for the work of the ministry (Biblical) But it has turned into an evangelistic (and that’s a stretch) program to somehow reach the lost with a non-threatening, bloodless Gospel.  So we get a lot of goats come in out the rain, looking for feel-good messages and small groups where they can “share”.  But there is no way to disciple goats into sheep.   Millions of Kingdom dollars are spent every year trying.

One of the things that happens when budgets swell and more and more buildings are built, it sinks the church in debt and once the monster is birthed, it has to be fed.  So it’s a perpetual cycle of more debt, more money needed to pay the debt, so we need more people to ante up to pay for it.  Yes, this probably is not in the minds of the leadership as they make plans, but it’s the ultimate outcome of catering to consumers.  Consumers have likes and dislikes, so the overall message of the church becomes one of, “Come to the Church of the Big Parking Lot and find a welcoming friendly atmosphere where people will love you, exciting  worship, and your kids will have all kinds of fun things to do.”  I’m don’t think the Apostle Paul, or James or Peter preached consumer oriented sermons nor are consumers likely to show up at a church where just your presence could get you killed.

If the fear of God does not permeate the atmosphere of the church and the destructiveness of sin with the answer being total abandonment to God is not taught regularly, then that church will probably succeed with consumers.  There will be nothing to shake their self image of “I’m OK, you’re OK, let’s just have a nice church for nice people.”   Jesus had some hard things to say to “nice” churches in Revelations, statements that should make any church leader tremble.

So I’m looking for a church that completely seeks out what God wants for us, teaching us what He wants from us, not what we want, which is usually to feel satisfied or fulfilled or comfortable.  Filling coffers and spreadsheets and calendars saved no one, never did and never will.  If the Gospel is clearly preached and lived out, if sin and Salvation are clearly presented faithfully regularly, God will add “daily, those who were being saved”.  But won’t happen with the current rush to see how many folks we can fill our sanctuary with or how many we can pull off the streets with our cool “worship” show on Sunday morning.


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