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Notes on looking for a Biblical Church part 7


Notes on looking for a Biblical Church part 7
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  1. The Cross and the shed Precious Blood of Jesus mentioned often.

If the core of the Gospel is that Jesus died for our sins, and the Cross is the central point of history (as we are often reminded… well, maybe not often enough), one would think that this fact would be sung about and preached on regularly and with great passion.  But weeks can go by where the Cross is neither mentioned nor referenced and even not evident as a symbol in church.  How is this possible?  If our central malady and sickness is sin, causing no end of havoc in our lives and relationships with others, then it would seem the cure would be talked about, preached about, and shouted from the steeple.  But I think the reason we don’t hear much about it is because sin has been downplayed and reduced to “mistakes”, making us not such bad people, in need of just a few more seminars and videos and information to get it right the next time.

So we have an endless parade of sermon series on marriage, child rearing, relationships, social gospel, personal growth, etc, when the core cause of the need for all these fix-it types of sermons is sin.  And the cure is the Cross.  To not mention this in just about ever sermon is a disservice to those attending, leading them to believe they can do this on their own, that they need just a little bit more information, just another small group video series on any one of these topics to help them along the road of life.  These are just putting band-aids on melanoma cancer.  Without rooting out the sole cause of social ills, whether in or out of the family, the church will suffer and thus the culture will suffer.  I’m not saying that dealing with topics isn’t helpful, it’s just that they usually don’t go far enough to proclaim the ultimate cure, the Precious Blood of Jesus.

Take a look around.  For all the millions of dollars that have spent on self-help hype by the church for the church, are we a holier people today than last year?  After the last fad of “40 Days of  ________” has run its course, did the impact on our neighborhoods, states, and nation become greater and greater?  I heard once that it’s not so much the nation that needs the Gospel, but the church needs to fall on its knees and repent of its own sin, and preaching a sinless, bloodless, Cross-less message.

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