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Notes on looking for a Biblical Church part 6


Notes on looking for a Biblical Church part 6
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  1. Brokenness and repentance as a key part of who leadership is, evident in their actions.

This goes along with #3.  Humility resulting from brokenness is so rare in church leadership today.  Since worldly success seems to be shown in numbers of people who show up and the size of the “campus” the church has, leadership has been chosen because of, and depended on, personal skill sets, natural talents and gifts, and the world’s marketing tools to achieve this goal.  There is lip service given to “spiritual gifts”, but when the rubber meets the road, it’s what they can produce with what they have that matters.  Worth to the ministry is measured by performance, with the better performers, actual and figurative, having the most face time with the sheep.

There seems to be no sense that this is God’s church and it is to be lead God’s way, and God’s way is complete humility and servanthood in leadership.  And this true humility only comes from admitting I know nothing, my skills are nothing without God’s touch, and that as a broken sinner, even my best efforts are filthy rags to Him.  And only God can do the true breaking of a person’s life and will.  He only has broken tools to work with and no amount of posturing or duct tape or designer fig leaves will prove this wrong.  If leaders don’t realize and confess they have nothing to offer God but their brokenness and shame, they will fall into pride in their own skills, using God only as a last-resort 3A card to get them out of the ditch when things go wrong.

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