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Notes on looking for a Biblical Church part 5


Notes on looking for a Biblical Church part 5
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  1. A reverence and carefulness regarding God and His Word.

This fits with #2, but I think it bears further mention. There seems to be a carelessness when handling the things of God.  By this I mean that there is a sloppiness and frivolousness when reading God’s Word and a prevalent presumption regarding God, that I can tell jokes about Him, call Him the “man upstairs”, and in general, not be serious about Who God is and what our role is to be before Him.  “God is my buddy” is nowhere taught nor even hinted at in Scripture.  Fear and trembling are associated with one’s reaction to the Almighty and one’s attitude should reflect that.  We are not to be afraid of God, but no New Testament text takes away the Old Testament fear we are to have of Him. If the fear of God means anything, it means we take Him seriously.

Jovial, inane banter may be OK for talk radio and TV game shows, but when it comes to God, there needs to be a carefulness that comes from a heart of a healthy fear of God.  If Jesus were truly present at a church service, I doubt He would laugh at the jokes told about Him or the light-hearted attitudes towards the Gospel and the Christian life;  His wounds would probably start hurting all over again, and probably think, “I suffered and died for this?”

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