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Notes on looking for a Biblical Church part 3


Notes on looking for a Biblical Church, part 3

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  1. Brokenness and repentance are key parts of the Salvation message.

“Ask Jesus into your heart/life” is not Biblical (actually anti-Biblical) nor will save anyone.  Without  brokenness, there will be no true repentance, and without repentance there will be no forgiveness of sin, and thus no salvation.  I am sick of hearing “altar calls” where a watered down Gospel is given, where very little has been said about sin and the need for a Savior, and maybe a “forgive me for my sin” thrown into the “sinner’s prayer” incantation just to get that in at the last minute.  “Oh, by the way, you are sinner and need to have those sins forgiven, so just say this and it’s all wiped away.”  Nowhere will you find an easy “get into the Kingdom” card in Scripture.  Admitting one is broken, beyond repair, and owning the sin that has offended a Holy God is strange to modern ears.

Confession is sometimes talked about but that’s only agreeing with God that we are sinners.  Without brokenness and repentance being combined into confession, there is no intent to ever change, no sorrow over sin that would cause me to not ever do that thing again.   I’m looking for a salvation message that includes the depraved sinfulness of sin and the total failure of us having any ability to do anything about it.  What’s usually proclaimed is we are just basically good  people with a few flaws that need fixing, when actually God sees us as dead in our sin, needing resurrection, not a remodel.  It seems the current drive is to get you into the Christian club and the sin is dealt with at a later time.  I have actually heard something like this said from the pulpit.

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