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Quotes from Books… Gods at War, by Kyle Idleman


More quotes from the book Gods at War, by Kyle Idleman.  Very convicting book.  Buy it. Read it.

[on the idol of food]:

Every gift God gives us can be twisted into a lure to pull us away from Him.

The problem comes when we start to look to food to do for us what the Lord God alone should do.

[John 6, story of the feeding of the five thousand]

A very large part of mankind’s ills and of the world’s misery is due to the rampant practice of trying to feed the soul with the body’s food (Frank Farrell)

[Jesus] wanted them to have the kind of passion for filling the soul that they did for filling the stomach.

They came wanting something to eat and Jesus offers Himself.  But here’s the question:  Is He enough?

Will you continue to follow even without a meal ticket?

“God is not interested in my comfort.  He’s interested in my healing.” (Paul Jones)

God cannot and will not give us a sense of lasting pleasure apart from Him, because it violates His purpose and our design.

One of the easiest ways to gauge the power that the god of food has over you is to go on a fast.

Pray that you will have greater hunger for Him than the food of this world.


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