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Wisdom for the Day


For the Christian, the enemy of the best is usually the good.

Jesus commanded, “Give no thought for tomorrow, of what you will eat…”  How you doing?

One disease that will likely strike the rich and those who want to be is “Affluenza”, and the only cure is to give it away.

You may be able to convince everyone else, but is God impressed with your arguments?

How much brokenness in your life is self-inflicted?

Nobody plans to mess up their marriage but very few plan not to.

Are you good for your sake or God’s sake?

If you don’t come away with the awareness that life is not about you and that it’s all about Jesus, then you haven’t worshiped, and may have lifted your hands up to a god of made in your own image.

Repentance is a result of seeing my sin as God sees it.

Dreams are never fulfilled in your comfort zone.



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