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Detox for Christians part 1


I have been on a world media fast for over 3 years.  That means that I no longer read magazines at the breakfast table, only the Bible and Christian related materials.  It means that I don’t read trade journals at lunch time but only the Bible or Christian related materials.  It means that I cut out 99% of the time I used to watch TV or videos or movies.  I no longer read secular books but only Christian books.   I figured that if God wanted to speak to me, I have left very little time for Him to do so because my mind was so cluttered with all sorts of things the world offered me for my consumption/entertainment.  (and somehow, I don’t feel like I have missed anything important…)

I came on an idea of what I think encapsulates what God is doing with the “no world media” thing in my life:

When someone fasts for health reasons, one reason is to get rid of toxins that have built up in their bodies. It’s called detox.  God has me in detox. I have absorbed the world’s media and world system (including all that sci-fi, especially recently) for 45 years and it’s time to get the toxins out.

I wonder just how many minutes it takes of Bible reading and prayer to detox from what one naturally absorbs daily from the world? 10 minutes? 30 minutes?  Many somehow believe that 60 minutes on Sunday morning is enough to dislodge the toxins satan’s world system has sown into their lives by what they absorb just living, and not to mention what they intentionally seek out as entertainment and relaxation.  No wonder we don’t look much different from the world…we just don’t see that it’s toxic to our  spiritual lives.  But companies don’t spend millions on advertising for nothing. People buy stuff because advertising works, including Christians.  And satan is a master at it, advertising his product. And we buy into it whether we want to or not.

So, how does one detox and how long per day does it take?  Or is the real answer consciously/purposely taking in less world stuff so we don’t need to detox that much? And I’m not even talking about growth here; I just talking about not getting spiritually sick.  Growth takes another whole regimen of obedience, discipline, vitamins and exercise….

God told the Jews not to follow the gods of those around them. We would be wise to follow carefully that same command.   No, we might not actually do the things they do, but we do use them for entertainment, watching and listening to the very things Jesus died for.

I have gotten stuck in Col. 3:1-17 (look it up, it’s too long to quote here).  Those verses, if taken seriously, would totally transform how we view the worlds media.  If we are to put away all that bad stuff in our personal daily walk, then why is it OK to view it for our leisure/pleasure/entertainment?    If we are to set our minds on heavenly things, and not on earthly things, why do we do the opposite, especially since God’s wrath is on those things of the world we see as entertainment?

No, we wouldn’t do those things ourselves, and we certainly wouldn’t invite people to come into our homes to act them out, nor would we go see them do those things in person.  BUT we invite world-system-inspired actors/authors to “come right on in!” to the most comfy room in the house to perform for us what the satan-inspired world has to offer, based on and acting out the very things Jesus died to save us from,  and we don’t see it as toxic!  That’s the worst thing about it.   “Oh, there may be some bad parts but it’s a really good book/movie,video”.   We have had recommended to us some “good movies” over the years and found them to be pretty awful.  Certainly not something Jesus would watch without feeling pain in His hands and feet and side…..with tears…

And then there are the parts we do see as toxic but our freedom and entertainment is more important than our personal holiness and so we watch it anyway…

And just what is a “bad part”?  Do we react to lying in a book/movie as bad/toxic to our holiness as much as we would to a chainsaw massacre shown in all its bloody glory?  Oh, full nude sex scenes on-screen/print we shy away from…good Christians wouldn’t watch “that” kind of thing (or would we?).  But how about covetousness (idolatry)?  Anger?  Malice?  Blasphemy?  Filthy language?  (all from Col. 3)  Do we see these as toxic to our faith, our walk with Christ, our discipleship?    Where would we be today if we hadn’t taken in all that carbon monoxide, which is colorless and odorless and tasteless, that binds with hemoglobin and doesn’t allow oxygen to combine in the blood and we very slowly die for lack of oxygen…an apt model for what happens to us spiritually?  Why do we put ourselves in the position to inhale this poison?  We think our freedom in Christ allows us to.  We think we are strong enough to counter the effects of the toxin (if we even admit to ourselves it is toxic).  And slowly we are dying spiritually from asphyxiation.  Even lots of oxygen won’t immediately get rid of the CO.   We need to detox…

(For part 2, go here)

  1. DIGG LIFE permalink

    Stumbled upon your blog through another one and WOW! Amen and amen! My fiancé and I have done away with cable and aren’t surprised that we don’t miss it. The next that could go are video games. We find it harder to do even the smallest things that keep us separated from God. I am definitely going to suggest some of what you discussed! To God be the glory! Visit our blog at

    • HI! Thank you for your kind words. This whole change came about after reading several books and was cemented in place a year ago after reading the Not a Fan book and going through the Not a Fan DVD series with my small group. I wrote about the changes here

      There are several posts about that and being a slave of Jesus.

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