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Quotes From Books Revival Praying, by Leonard Ravenhill

More quotes from the book Revival Praying, by Leonard Ravenhill
Written in 1962 with the then current language and examples.  What would he say today?

I know I have a lot to learn from this man of God.

Most of us have enough grace to scrape through the day, but we have nothing over.  We are conquerors but are not “more than conquerors.”  We can fight off the enemy but cannot take any prisoners.  Ours is a defense action, not an attacking power.

We will learn to pray, for God will see to that.  He is not concerned about our happiness but about our holiness.

[from a Christian leader in India} “You feel sorry for us in India because of our poverty in material things.  We who know the Lord in India feel sorry for you in American because of your spiritual poverty…We are praying that the people in American might also come to church with a hunger for God and not merely hunger to seem some form of amusement or hear choirs or the voice of any man.”

What twisted ideas we get about prayer in our day.  To many of us prayer is just a short cut to receiving a desired thing.

Before the Lord will move in  power, our orthodoxy will have to be stabbed, our conventions shattered, and our stony hearts again know tears.

We want big blessing for small installments, the birth of revival but not the pain of birth.  Sometime I hope we are going to get sick of playing church…and get so angry at our birth poverty in the soul realm that we too will sanctify a fast, call a solemn assembly and seek the face of the Lord.


Wisdom for the Day

You can give and not have an attitude of generosity but you can’t be generous without giving.

If you pursue happiness as a goal, you will never attain it.

The needs of the soul are infinitely more important than any fleeting need of the body.

God hides in plain sight.

The opposite of faith is sight, not doubt.

Give me one New Testament example of the American version of the Abundant Life.

If you say you love Jesus, obedience isn’t optional.

In morality, when the impossible become negotiable, anything becomes possible.

Salt can only have an impact when put on something that is not salty.

A need does not constitute a calling.

Three Dollars Worth of God

I’ve had this poem for a long time.  It’s convicting and makes me wonder about how much of God do I really want in my life.  Do I want just enough to get by or do I want the whole remodel?  How much am I willing to give up in order to be all in for Jesus?

He expects all.  We lower that to some.
He expects complete surrender.  We want a partnership.
He wants total whole-hearted commitment.  We give Him visitation rights on Sundays.

So how much of God do you want?

“I’d like $3 worth of God, please”
by Wilbur Rees

I would like to buy three dollars worth of God, please.

Not enough to explode my soul and disturb my sleep.
Not enough to take control of my life.
I want just enough to equal a cup of warm milk.
Just enough to ease some of the pain from my guilt.

I would like to buy three dollars worth of God, please.

I would like to find a love that is pocket-sized.
I don’t want enough of God to make me love a foreigner or pick beets with a migrant.
Not enough to change my heart.
I can only stand just enough to take to church when I have time.
Just enough to equal a snooze in the sunshine.
I want ecstasy, not transformation.
I want the warmth of the womb, but not a new birth.

I would like to purchase a pound of the eternal in a paper sack.
If it doesn’t work, I would like to get my money back.

I would like to buy three dollars worth of God, please.

I would like to hide some for a rainy day.
Not enough for people to see a change in me.
Not enough to impose any responsibility.
Just enough to make folks think I am ok.

Could I just get three dollars worth of God, please?


Wisdom for the Day

We can live without a lot of things, but we cannot live without forgiveness.

“You are not your own, you are bought with a price.”  Since when did God give you back?

You are never more helpless than when you believe your weakness is greater than God’s strength.

Many wonder what God wants them to do when they should be more concerned about what He wants them to be.  JP

When was the last time you sacrificed anything or gave up something permanently of your American consumerism for God’s Kingdom?

In this American culture, either God has a hold on you or money has a hold on you.

Hardest four words in the Bible:  Trust in the Lord.


Woodworking Tips and Tricks: Center Drilling in Round Stock

One thing that comes up once in awhile is having to drill a hole centered on the side of round stock. I have guessed at the this for years and come close but, really, the holes are not centered.

Then one day, I had a revelation.  I have a metal lathe and to center the cutter on the round stock, you run the cutter horizontally against a short 6″ steel rule against the stock.  The cutter is then shimmed.  When the rule is plumb up and down, then the cutter is centered.  This isn’t perfect within thousandths of an inch but it’s close enough.

Drilling a hole in round stock is the same thing, just vertical, not horizontal.  Place the round wood/metal stock in a drill press vice on the drill press table.  The stock will need to be above the jaws of the vice so you may need to put a piece of wood under the stock to raise it up.  Put a short steel rule on top of the stock and bring down the drill bit until it captures the rule on top of the stock.  Move the vice around until the rule is as perfectly parallel as you can get it to the drill press table.  Use a tape measure from the table to the rule or make gauge blocks from wood.  Clamp down the vice.  The drill bit is now centered on the stock.  The more precise you are about this procedure, the more precise your center will be.   If you have multiple pieces to drill, then all you have to do is loosen the vice handle and clamp the new piece in and the new piece will be centered again.

I have used this trick many times since that day and find it is very accurate in wood and steel.  The only problem is if you have a specific place in the circumference of the stock that the hole needs to be, then there will need to be some trial and error involved.  If you do the centering first, clamp down the vice, then you can bring your mark under the drill bit by taking the pressure off the stock, moving it around and then tightening it again.  This will again center the stock if you haven’t moved the vice on the table.  If you want parallel holes in both ends, you can place a rod in the first hole you drill and line this up by eye with the drill bit as you clamp down the stock in the vice.  Without a metal working milling machine for super accurate movement of the vice, this is a “good as it can get” procedure.

Try it just to see how it works so the next time you need this trick, it will already be in your bag.

Wisdom for the Day

We all know the Golden rule, but the Platinum rule is:
Do to others as God did for you.

In all of the church’s pursuit of praise and celebration, holy reverence has been left far behind.

I am not as bad as I could be but at no point am I as good as I could be.  J.I. Packer

If you have something and you want to make it better, you will usually end up making it worse.

The best argument for Christianity is a Christian. The best argument against Christianity is a Christian.  Which are you?

If your goal is to be independent, no amount of money or power will make it so.

We usually have control over our circumstances, but have no control of the consequences .  God, give us the wisdom to know the difference.

Jesus is always reliable but never predictable.


Quotes from Books Revival Praying by Leonard Ravenhill

More quotes from the book Revival Praying by Leonard Ravenhill.  Buy it. Read it.
He speaks with the power of a prophet.  I  had to skim through whole pages I wanted to share, to pull out these few snippets.  No pulled punches here.

There is so much in this little book written in 1962.  I wonder what he would have to say today?

Sinned as we have as a nation, yet to our sin we have added pride in our sinning.  The world has lost the power to blush over its vice;  the Church has lost her power to weep.

This present day is like an arena whose terraces are filled with militant godless, the brilliant belligerent skeptics, plus the blank-faced heathen millions, all looking into the empty ring to see what the Church of the Living God can do.  How I burn at this point!  What are we Christians doing? To use a very tattered phrase, are we just “playing church”?   With all our revival campaigns, are we getting folk into Biblical regeneration?  Is it really a comfort to know that the recent converts will become just like us?

Spiritual faith cannot be kept in a watertight compartment of the mind.  Faith gets into the will and into the heart.  Faith sets the affections on fire.  Spiritual faith can and must ignite ambition – spiritual ambition.

In making a request of God, the first thing we have to be sure of is this:  Is our relationship right?…Soiled hearts that operate soiled hands can not plunder the resources of God.

“When faith ceases to pray, it ceases to live.” (E.M. Bounds)  It is also true that when faith ceases to live, it ceases to pray.  Faith must pray in order to live; faith must live in order to pray.