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Wisdom for the Day

One thing we must never be careless about is truth.

There is no such thing as a “small dishonesty”.

The highest from of love is doing acts of kindness when you don’t feel loving or are being loved in return.

It is easy to tell a lie but very hard to tell only one.

Not doing something the first time is a solid defense against doing it a second time.

Few things are more important than a good reputation.

If the fear of God means anything, it means taking God seriously.

Without a Scriptural basis, opinions have no authority.

If Christianity is a crutch, it’s the crutch this nation leans on in time of crisis.  What happens when the crutch gets too small and weak so it’s no longer effective?


Woodworking Tips and Tricks … Safety

I have been at this woodworking thing for a long time, over 45 years professionally.  And I have had my share of “accidents”.  But there really aren’t any such things, just stupid carelessness and not paying attention, which are one in the same.  I still have all my fingers, not because I am clever but because I was “lucky” more than once, and they all aren’t undamaged.

I heard a phrase the other day and it comes to mind now.  I hope it ingrains itself into your brain:

It’s call the “safety squint”.

I saw this in the comment section of a video where a guy was cutting something and was squinting to avoid debris getting in his eyes…except what he was cutting would go right through his eyelids, eye and enter his brain.  An eyelid is less than 1mm thick or .039″.  It is the thinnest skin of your body, made of extremely fragile cells.  It has NO impact resistance to sharp objects.  And behind it?  Another very fragile very important organ.  So exactly how much safety do you get out of a safety squint?

You have gotten away with it for years, squinting when you want to protect your eyes.  But it only takes once, and you may lose an eye.  Now I realize you have 2 and so it may not be a big deal to you.  But it’s not like a severe laceration to your arm, you get it stitched up and you are good to go 2 weeks later.  This loss of eye is for life, regardless of what science fiction has to offer.  If you only had one, would you still be so careless?

I have thought a lot about the safety squint lately.  Since I wear glasses now at work (one the most frustrating and useful things to happen from getting old), I have avoided most of the splinters I used to dig out of my eyes on a weekly basis.  But I am turning a lot of wood bowls on my wood lathe and there are times when I don’t put the face shield on and do some turning, and then realize that I could not only lose an eye but end up with some serious facial reconstructive surgery, which some turners have actually experienced.  So I stop and put it on…takes about 9.3 seconds.  I have had some rather large pieces come flying off the wood, hitting that shield.  Every time it happens I am thankful I have the shield on.  Last week, I had a 3/4″ dia. x 10″ long steel drill bit get lodged in a piece turning at 1000 rpms and before I could turn off the lathe, it started to wobble out on it’s own and went flying across the shop.  I had my face shield on.  I wasn’t hit, but what if I had been in alignment of that 10″ long flying piece of steel without a shield?  Definitely gave me pause for thought.

What if a piece comes flying out of the table saw from a kickback or a sliver of cracked wood that comes loose and you don’t have the guard on nor a face shield?  Will the safety squint help that projectile from going right through your face?

God gave us eyelids to protect the eye and to wash it clean of debris.  But they were never meant to survive the attack of flying objects.  So the next time you are doing something in the shop and you are squinting, ask yourself if that 1mm thick eyelid will do the job of protection you are expecting it to do?

Get yourself a good unbreakable poly-carbonate (not plastic) face shield ( which works with glasses) or at the bare minimum goggles (which don’t work so good with glasses), and then use them.  You may never know what you were protected from but for sure, if you don’t wear them, you will eventually find out.

Wisdom for the Day

The answer to hard times is not who I am or what I can do, but Who God is and what He can do.

You may think you are, but you are not the final authority in your life on anything.  Only God holds that position.

One of the hardest skills today’s millennials will need to  learn is to have adult conversations without becoming emotionally and intellectually incontinent.

If we were a piece of clothing in a store, the tag would read, “irregular”.

Don’t like church?  You will never fulfill God’s purpose for you without committed, mutual partnership and servant-hood with fellow believers.

The anvil of God’s Word has worn out every hammer tried on it.

He who controls the rudder, controls the ship.

Wisdom for the Day

Success as a Christian leader starts with calloused knees.

Is your life spent at random?

You better send your Bible to the heathen where it can do some good if you are not going to use it nor believe it.

The greatest leaders are those who have no ambition to lead.

Parents raise up their children to be God fearing responsible adults.  Children finish the job on their parents.

The really thirsty don’t care what color the cup is, how comfortable the handle is, or even if it’s cracked.  If the church is serving true living water, they will come.

Hoarding is no substitute for giving.

We pray because God is the only hope we have.

Success isn’t permanent, and failure isn’t fatal.

Inattention and the Results

While I was driving the other day, I was thinking how just a moment of inattention while hurtling along at breakneck speeds can cause a life time of sorrow and pain.  Either the occupants of my car or the one I hit can be permanently injured or killed, just because I was distracted by the inconsequential.

And that got me to thinking, what would happen if we were inattentive for a whole day, or a week or a month in our Christian lives?  What long lasting effect would that have on us or those around us?   Because I think this is a real threat to our health and that of our families and those around us.

Our lives are so safe, we can go through a whole day without a thought about the One who died on our behalf.  We can go all week being distracted by all around us and not take the time to pursue Him as He would want us to.  We could be out-to-lunch for a whole month, not giving attention to the health of our souls.

Then when we crash, we wonder what happened.   All those moments of inattention added up to not being able to hear the Shepherds voice, warning us, wooing us, guiding us, correcting us.  So now He has to take His shepherds-crook and pull us out of another wreck.

So just as a few seconds of looking the other way while driving can end in injury or death, so lots of little moments of being taken up with other things can injure not only our lives but those we love.

Take stock of what you allow to distract you and makes you inattentive.   Are they so important as to risk the pain of messing up your life and others?  When you are in the ditch, will you finally be focused enough for God to speak to you?  Why wait?

Wisdom for the Day

Seeing and perceiving are two completely different things.  The first is natural, the second has to be taught.  Parents would do well to remember this.

What you do after you find you are over the speed limit says a lot about your Christian character, whether your character matters in little everyday things.

Anything that gets between you and God is your god.  And that includes sloth.

Any person or people who do not act circumspect will act foolishly.

Bad laws are the worst sort of tyranny.

It is a popular error to suppose the loudest advocates for the public are the most anxious for its welfare.

Every “blessing” is not necessarily a blessing indeed.

Woodworking Tips and Tricks tool batteries

Face it, cordless tool batteries are expensive.  No matter which one you buy, if they start to fail, it’s painful to buy another one.  And if you have different makes of these tools, then that battery will only fit that brand and none of the others.

My nephew sent me this tip:  You can buy adapters that will make it so you can use a battery (of the same voltage) from one brand with a different brand.  My drills are so old that this won’t work with  them.  I use the old Makita 9.6v. stick batteries.   This trick only works with the squat battery packs.

Some say Dewalt makes the best batteries.  And so you decide you want to buy one but that leaves out the rest of your tools.   You can buy an adapter to fit all those other tools so that super expensive best-made battery you just bought will fit them.  If you use your tools to make a living, then this makes sense because you will never be out of power while on the job. Buy 2, always have one charged and your drill or saw or jigsaw will be happy all day long.  And it makes sense if you just use them at home because then you will only need to buy one battery instead of replacing them all.

I have a buddy that only buys Snap On tools.  The battery packs for those are outrageously expensive, mainly because it has that name on the side.  So he was really interested in these adapters.

So check it out.  If you already have a lot of cordless tools, this may get you the best of both worlds, not having to buy new batteries that only fit those tools, and you get the best battery built for the money.