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Wisdom for the Day

The Wisemen of Christmas fame did not travel all that way to bow down in worship, asking for gifts.

If you reject the Bible because it shares hard truth about you, it’s like blaming a mirror for your dirty face, messed up hair and bad breath.

As a Christian, never believe you are somewhere by accident nor someplace for no reason.

Would you be disappointed if Jesus were to return tomorrow?  Your answer shows where your treasure is and where your allegiance lies.

If you have a specific amount of money in mind, that if you had it you would no longer worry about your future, that number is your god.

As Christians, we have this silly mistaken notion that if money comes to us, it’s ours.

Keeping up with the latest fashion is really a kind of Olympic event, except this race is never over and there are no winners.


Woodworking Tips and Tricks…Carpet Tape

There are times when clamps will get in the way of machining operations.  Several places are the table saw, router table and routers.  If you clamp to the fences or the router base, the clamp is in the way of what you want to do.

Carpet tape is the answer.  Comes about 2″ wide and has some pretty good grip if used correctly.  This is NOT double stick foam tape but the thin double stick tape that you can use to hold a throw rug in place.  You use foam tape at your own risk…that stuff is pretty much permanent…

This is useful for putting a tall fence on the table saw for doing fancy work on the edge of a board so you can keep the piece vertical and not have it wobble on the short existing fence.  Clamps will get in the way of this.  This will also work on the router table fence if it has a smooth surface.  Also, it can be used to put guides on a router base where clamps will interfere.  There are many other uses that you will find once you have bought your roll.  I have used this many times over the years.

Make sure the surfaces are flat and free of dust, wax, silicone or whatever you use to slick up the surfaces on your fences. .   Don’t skip this step or the tape won’t stick.  Don’t skimp on the amount of tape, but also don’t get carried away with using too much.  Too little and it will come off at the wrong time, and too little and you will have a bugger of a time tearing down you setup.   If the two surfaces aren’t flat, the tape won’t grip…it won’t fill a gap.  If the tape folds over and sticks to itself or goes on in ripples, the remove it and put another piece on flat.  You don’t want any air gaps anywhere in the tape.

You will also probably mess up a few pieces before you get one to go on correctly…done that many times.  There is not easy way to remove the protective layer and you will pick at it and mess with it and by the time you are done, it’s time to throw that piece away and get another one.  Peel the tape off one side only at first, apply and then peel off the other side protective layer.  Sometimes this can be hard to do.  I have found that a knife works to tease the protective layer from the tape.

After cleaning and applying tape, place the surfaces together and clamp it if you can, hammer it pretty good.  This insures the tape is good and stuck.  Then do your machining.  To remove the fixture, slide in a putty knife and work it around to break the bond.  If it seems like this was all a big mistake and it won’t come off, take some acetone and dribble it where the tape is and it will dissolve the bond.

Hope this helps you with your impossible to clamp setups.

Wisdom for the Day

Men are commanded in Scripture to unconditionally love their wives.  But woe to the person who dares utter that wives are to treat their husbands with unconditional respect.  Many woman would see this as an oxymoron.

We hear these days about the “Thin Blue Line.”  If law enforcement is the only barrier between a civil society and chaos, our culture is already lost.  JP

Earth is crammed with heaven, and every common bush afire with God. But only he who sees takes off his shoes;  the rest sit around and pluck blackberries.

If God calls you to be a doorkeeper, don’t stoop to be a king.

Look around at your possessions, your job, you friends, and your money.  They are but a hand mirror, reflecting back who you are in your soul.

You don’t have to keep your kids entertained all the time.  Boredom is where creativity is born.

Quotes from Books Revival Praying by Leonard Ravenhill

More quotes from Revival Praying by Leonard Ravenhill.

No man who prays, struts!

To many, prayer is dry because they do all the talking.

The place where the Christian stops to refuel is prayer.

But in Spirit born prayer, I believe we pray God’s burden into and through our hearts.

We can use words without praying, and we can pray without using words….there is a language of the Spirit beyond words – groanings that cannot be articulated, that defy language, that are the yearnings of the heart of God committed to those who seek to know His will and to care for the lost world and feeble Church.

I feel deeply that we trifle with the [Holy Spirit] even in prayer.  What a trivial round of petitions we get in the average prayer meeting!

To be much for God, we must be much with God.

Prayer is taxing.  Prayer is exacting.  Prayer means enduring.  Prayer means denying self, daily dying to self by choice.  But someone says, “There’s nothing wrong in going fishing for a couple of hours.”  Maybe not if you are prayed up.  Yet there is something wrong when we go fishing or do some other thing without the Spirit’s leading.  It is wrong when instead of praying we do things to please ourselves.  There cannot be two operators of the Christian’s life.  We are either Spirit led in everything or self led.

Wisdom for the Day

“Easy” isn’t ever where we meet Jesus.

We wonder why God doesn’t act because we are looking at our watches and God is looking at the calendar.

The strength of your marriage can be gauged by how often you laugh at yourself, at/with each other, and at life.  Laughter covers a multitude of sins.

“Jesus is mine.”  What standing do we have to claim ownership of Almighty God?

Gossip:  Sharing anything about someone, when the act of sharing is not part of the solution to the person’s problem.

Are you really so awesome that you want everyone to be like you?

Make this day count.  You only get one shot at it.

If you were your boss, would you promote you?



What Do You Believe is True?

I don’t remember where I got these questions but the point is convicting and worth repeating.

  1. Do you believe everything is true that you read in newspapers, books and magazines?
  2. Do you believe everything is true that you read on the internet?
  3. Do you believe everything is true that you read on your phone, be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or the text messages you get?
  4. Do you believe everything is true that you see/hear on TV, movies, videos?
  5. Do you believe everything is true that you hear in the music you listen to?
  6. Do you believe everything is true that God says in the Bible?

If you said no to the first 5 and yes to the last one, why do you spend the majority of your time watching, reading, listening to something you don’t believe is true, and spend so little time reading something you do believe is true?

Wisdom for the Day

A Blessing:
May all your expectations be frustrated.
May all your plans be thwarted.
May all your desires be withered into nothingness, that you may experience the powerlessness and poverty of a child, and sing and dance in the love of God.

Today, it seems parents are growing children, not raising adults.

God hates our sin, but it does not repulse Him from us;  it actually draws Him to us.  It’s why Jesus came.

The biggest barrier to fully trusting Jesus with our lives is if we don’t believe He is the Good Shepherd but something less.

The two most important things you think about that will shape your life:
1.  What you think about God.
2.  What He thinks about you.

God saw fit to limit man’s intelligence but still allowed him limitless stupidity.

Somewhere along way, we started calling politicians leaders instead of employees.  They have duped us into believing they are perpetually entitled to the job, instead of being dispensable public servants, serving at the will of the people, and not their own.