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Quotes from Books gods at war by Kyle Idleman

More quotes from the book “gods at war” by Kyle Idleman.

Sometimes we need to dethrone idols before we are ready for the blessings God has for us.

…human beings are no more more less than human beings.  And ultimately, human beings fall miserably short of being God.

God isn’t simply a way to get to heaven;  heaven is a way to get to God.

You can’t love a fellow creature fully till you love God.

It’s not so much that God won’t let ourselves in [to heaven].  If we can’t learn to say, “Thy will be done”, then finally God must sadly say, “OK then, thy will be done.”



Wisdom for the Day

One of the hardest and most hurtful relationship conflicts to overcome and be healed from is being misunderstood.  And it seems, the harder you try to reconcile, the worse it gets.

We pray for safety when it’s from Him we need most protecting.

It’s possible to be a big church and exist only to make it’s members feel good about themselves.
It’s possible to be  small simple church and be a rugged warrior camp at the gates of hell.
Size does not determine effectiveness for the Kingdom.  Which is yours?

We say, “Jesus, show me and I’ll follow.”
He says, “Follow and I’ll show you.”

Only he who continues to learn is competent to teach.

One of the worst lies a Christian can believe is, “I can.”






More Questions on Sin

This is the follow-up lesson on sin that was presented after the week on church discipline I referred to in the last post.  It’s formatted as an outline and not fleshed out, but I think you can get what I was after.  Please notice that this lesson applies to the sins of the mind as well as the body, like lust, hatred, envy, bitterness, jealousy, all tools of satan to urge you to act on them.  Number 9 is especially needed in the church today.

1.  Characteristics of those in love:

Don’t want to hurt the one we love.
Want to spend time with them.
Want to please them in word and deed when together.
Want to please them by living “right” when apart, live so they can be proud of us.
Will do acts of love for them, to them.
Dream of future together.

2.  I say “I love Jesus”, but looking at my heart and life, how would He know?

If I love Jesus I will:    all of the above in #1, summed up as:

Love what He loves.

Hate what He hates.

Love when He loves.

Obey His commandments.

Want to see Him soon.

3.   “All things work together for good for” who?  those who love Jesus, not just Christians in general

Usually quoted out of context of Loving Jesus, just stated as plain fact with no qualifiers

4.   Give reasons I sinned before I was saved:

5.   Give reasons I sin after I got saved:

“We sin because we have forgotten the promises of God”

“God will supply all your needs according to the riches….”  Promise from God!

All sin is seeking answers and fulfillment  from any source other than God

What are some human needs you  have?

How would God supply that need?

6.  Reasons we sin:

Pride, thinking we have the answers within ourselves.

Carelessness in my personal thought life  “I can’t lust after what I don’t look at”.

Sin isn’t as serious as God says it is.     No immediate consequences, so I got away with it.

7.  How to overcome sin:

Decide/admit that I am miserable because of sin.

Acknowledge/admit/confess/repent of the sin.

Acknowledge I can NOT do it on my own.

Resolve/commit to make personal purity the overriding goal of my life; make it what I wan most.

Pray for power to be free of sin and to resist temptation.

Find someone of like mind to hold me accountable and friends that will uphold my commitment.  Sin cannot flourish in the light of day.

Be willing to own up/face the consequences of my sin.

Act on my resolve; exercise faith that God can take care of the awkward details caused by my sin.

Seek out/memorize Scriptures that deal with/address my particular weakness and/or temptation.

“Temptation usually comes through a door intentionally left open”  close open doors….

8.  Consequences of “secret” sins:

Relationship with God broken.

We are not who we can/need to be for others.

We don’t believe just for ourselves.  We do not live Godly pure/Holy lives just for ourselves.  We are a heritage to our children.  We are the baton passers to the next generation.

What of the “eternal” is there about my life now that my children can tell my grandchildren about?  “Dad/Mom, tell me about grandma/grandpa.”  What would they say about you?  What legacy of the eternal are  you leaving them?

9.  Before I do anything, I need to ask these 6 questions:

a.  Is it wrong?  Wrong question!  Wrong has been redefined by the culture.

The correct question is:  is it right in God’s eyes?

b.  What will I gain if I do this?   usually absolutely nothing but a few minutes of entertainment

c.  What will I lose if I do this?  usually some part of my personal purity

d.  What will I gain if I don’t do this?   strengthening my wall against satan’s world view

e.  What will I lose if I don’t do this?  usually absolutely nothing!!!

f.  Will this enhance my personal purity/Holiness?

This is the key question, as it may make it through all the other questions but can it pass this test?

9.  What are primary ways satan advertises and temps/woos us with his world view?

social media


Movies, net-flix

TV shows



radio music and news shows

Notice that these are all entertainment related.  We consciously choose to be tempted and seduced by how we use are free time.

We need to apply the questions in number 9 to each one of these entertainment options.

Everything has a price. The question is:  Am I willing to pay the price of restricting my entertainment for personal purity?  Yes, it will cost me something now but the benefit will be future personal holiness.


Questions Regarding Sin in My Life

Years ago,  I led a small group Bible study.  In this study, there was a woman who was living with her boyfriend.  My wife and I counseled her many times and she would weep, acknowledging she was living in sin but just couldn’t leave (they had bought a house together).  Her guilt was real but not enough to act on. Because there were other singles in the group that were starting to be affected, and some there saw our group as their church, I sought counsel with the pastors I was under at our church and they agreed something needed to be done.

I shared a lesson with the group defining “Biblical church discipline”, and then presented that she was the one the lesson was about (she wasn’t there) and that she had been asked to no longer attend.  To make it possible for her to do the right thing, my wife and I asked her to move in until they got married and she accepted.
(A side note, there was another woman there who thought during the whole time I was sharing the lesson that it was about her…she was having sex with her boyfriend; I didn’t know anything about this.  She moved to another city and broke of the relationship.)

I wrote this series of questions for the following week so that those attending wouldn’t get smug about their own lives before God.   I hope that there might be something here that will help you evaluate your own dance with sin and make the move to switch partners, to the King of Kings, Jesus.

I know that in our culture today, living together in sin has become the norm, has almost replaced marriage as the living arrangement of choice, and that this has seeped into the church.  But sliding cultural values do not define Biblical truth nor do these truths become obsolete because many deem it so.  Sin is still sin, regardless of how many follow the world’s Siren-call to shipwreck.

Each one of these could be a blog post in itself.  Don’ think because I didn’t flesh these out means that they don’t apply to you.

Questions Regarding Sin in My Life

Does God rank sin from bad sins, to really bad sins, to horrible sins, and then treats me differently, depending on the ranking of the particular sin I harbor in my heart?

If God disciplines His children (and He does), why do I think God seems at times to overlook and ignore my willful sin and not discipline me for it?  What’s the purpose of His patience? (repentance)  Am I being presumptuous with God’s grace, mercy and patience in continuing in this sin?

When I persist in a given sin, how does God view my relationship with Him?  Does He see me in rebellion against His clear commands and principles of Holiness?

If personal Holiness isn’t a priority now for me, what’s to say it will become a priority later, and what will it take for me to finally get serious about it?

Is there any price too high to pay to be pure in the sight of God?

God says, “Be Holy as I am Holy.”  Can I truly say that this is my goal, my heart cry as a Christian?

Have I sanctified (“set apart unto God”, submitted/yielded) all areas of  my life to God?  If not, why not?

Have I earnestly prayed to the Lord for guidance regarding a particular temptation?  If so, what did I do with His answer?

Can I expect God’s blessing on my life and plans for the future if I willfully persist in a pet sin?

In Christian circles, there is mention of being a “practical atheist”, one who adamantly confesses faith in Jesus but then lives like the world in a certain area.  In what areas of my life might this term apply to me?

Is my relationship with Christ really first in my life or has it taken second place to my pet sin?

What is the difference between remorse and repentance, and how does this apply to me and my pet sins?

“If I regard sin in my heart, the Lord will not hear.” (King David)  Do I really think God will answer my prayers for myself and others, regarding any topic, with a persistent sin in my life?

If the result of sin is complex circumstances, is God trustworthy and powerful enough to take care of the details if I repent?

Sowing and Reaping:   Do I expect to go on, day after day,  and not suffer any consequences for my sin?   “It’s never too late to do the right thing.”    If I repented right now, what will I gain?  What will I lose?

If I harbor a secret sin, how am I being affected by this sin?

What  negative effects is it having on me physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually?

What price am I paying for persistence in sin?

What do I gain if I repent?

What price do I pay if I don’t?

What spiritual growth isn’t happening because of a pet sin?

Pets are usually well fed, cared for and protected.  How am I feeding, caring for and protecting  my pet sin?

Sin usually comes through a door intentionally left open.  What doors do you need to close, lock, and nail shut?

If I persist in ignoring the call of the Holy Spirit to repentance, how long does it take for my heart to become hardened to it?  If somehow I have been able to ignore that “still quiet voice” of the Holy Spirit’s conviction, how long will it be before I don’t hear it at all?

If I were truly living out the Christian principles I profess on Sundays, do I think I would be able to do so without emotional consequences when I am disobedient to God and His clear teaching and commands?

“The most tragic moment for a Christian is when God finally gives me what I want.”  What is it I want?

            This woman felt this sin was “OK” because in college, she was in a Bible study where a highly respected leader had moved in with her boyfriend and that influenced her future thinking.
“When I persist in sin, an innocent person will probably be hurt.”
“What’s your sin going to cost me, anyway?”
“No one sins in isolation”
How do I think my  “private” sins affect others?
How about my church family?

             Am I one of the “hearers but not a doers” James writes about?

Jesus says, “If you love me, keep my commandments”.  According to what I do, not by what I say, do I truly love Jesus?

Can I truly say I love another believer and not confront/hold them accountable for sin?

What example am I to the unsaved of a wholly committed, Holy Christ-like Christian?  What vision of a Holy God are they getting from me?

Am I the most righteous person my children, spouse and friends know?  If not, why not?



Wisdom for the Day

You will never grow beyond your ability to receive correction.

If your life is beyond your control, that’s exactly where God wants you.

We usually only really get down to serious praying when we are feeling helpless, not realizing we are truly helpless every moment of every day.

The lie of the American Dream is, “If you have enough, you will be enough”.

Forgiveness is not pardon.  If consequences are due, they are still owed.

If denying self, dying daily to self, loving others as yourself (including the poor and needy), generosity, looking after the needs of others before yourself (all essential attributes of humility) and pursuing God’s Kingdom whole-heartedly are to be core characteristics of a follower of Jesus, then the term “wealthy Christian” is an oxymoron.

The truth never hurts unless it should.


Woodworking tips and tricks Drawer sides

Drawers have been my nemesis, my enemy, and my frustration.   I used to cut all the material for a job at one time, and that included the drawers.  I would then build the cabinet and build the drawers and, oh, no, the cabinet is 1/16″ smaller than my layout shows.  And 1/16″ might as well be 12 inches when it comes to full extension guides.

So here are some things I have done to make my drawer making experience not so frustrating and actually now user friendly.

Don’t cut the drawers to size until AFTER the cabinet is made.  You can cut rough sizes but don’t cut the fronts and backs until you know exactly what the inside measurement will be.

When you cut drawer sides, always cut so the bow is inwards, never outwards.  This outward bow will create some really clearance problems with the drawer guides and rubbing inside the guide will be the result.  It only takes 1/32″ bow per drawer over 22″ length to add up to 1/16″ too big of a drawer that now won’t slide smoothly.  If you bow the sides inward, the bottom, if fit correctly, will push the sides out  parallel (if the sides are grooved).  I have found that drawers work better if made smaller than larger than the net size the  guides call for.  There seems to be no plus in the clearance, only minus and this can be as much as 1/16″.  You get more than that and the drawer starts to bind again, and will eventually pop out of the track.  If this is the case, you can shim the guide on the cabinet side with the cardboard shims I mentioned in a previous post.

When making the drawers, don’t assume the sides are any particular thickness, like 1/2″ thick.  If you are making them from Baltic birch or any plywood, it will be way less than that.  And 1/2″ melamine, it can be net to a bit oversize.  So put the 2 drawers sides together and measure the total.  Then subtract that from the OD of the drawer and that will be the front and back.

Most full-extension guides require 1″ total side clearance.   I have been making my drawers 1/32″ smaller than this 1″ side clearance and have been very happy with the results.  So if the opening for the drawer is 14″, the the drawer front will be minus 1″ for the guides, and minus another 1″ plus or minus for the drawers sides (depending on the actual thickness of the drawer material) minus an extra 1/32″ clearance.  Without this extra clearance, I have never had a drawer be undersized, always oversize…for some reason stuff adds up.  So when the drawer is finally built, it will be 1/32″ under-size, in the above case, 14″ cabinet size minus 1-1/32″ equals, 12-31/31″.

If for some reason the guides are binding because of bowing out of the sides or your drawer is a hair too big, if you are using plywood, you can groove out a very narrow slot for the drawer guide.  You can’t go too deep because the cabinet guide member will start rubbing on the drawer, unless you make the slot wider that the total of the whole guide.  I have had to do this with melamine and its not pretty….  If you are using solid wood, then you can plane (jointer?) down the whole side to get the guides to finally work.

I know without pictures and drawings this post might not make sense, but the main thing I wanted to get across was when using full extension guides, always make the drawer 1/32″ smaller than the net clearance of 1″.  Full extension guides can be pretty forgiving when the drawer is too small but never when too wide.   Build towards this end.

Wisdom for the Day

If time is the most precious commodity, then wasting it is a crime.

Gratitude is the lost emotion of our times.

What mission you choose in life will ultimately determine your destiny, not only here but eternally.

In this life, there is only enough time, energy and resources to pursue one kingdom at a time and everything God has given you is to pursue His, not yours.

You may be at the point of wanting God in your life, but until you need Him in your life, you will never know He is sufficient for every need.

The greatest gift a dad can give his children is personal holiness.

When I sin, there is no finger pointing from heaven, no fist with a hammer, only love, acceptance and forgiveness.

To believe is to commit.  No commitment? No belief.