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Wisdom for the Day

There is real joy in laying down one’s life for the brethren.  There are always those who will say, “You are working too hard; you ought not do do this, and ought not to do that.”  The devil always has a lot of lieutenants who say, “Be careful; you health is much more important.”  It is ten thousand times better to wear out for Jesus by blessing others, and hear a “Well done, good and faithful servant,” than to have to go to the judgement seat of Christ and give account for a lifetime of selfishness.  William Booth

God’s purposes are way bigger than your plans.

Forgiveness is like the air you breath:  If you receive it from God but don’t give it out to others, you can’t take the next breath in for yourself.

Truth should be shared with light, not heat.

The fact we understand darkness shows we know there is light.

Living the Christian life is difficult; only one thing is harder: living without Christ.  The price you pay to follow Jesus is far less than the price you’ll pay if you don’t.

“To do well rather than do much” will be the motto of him whose main purpose is to please God.

A holy man is an awesome weapon in the hands of God.

“Financial security” is an oxymoron.


Woodworking Tips and Tricks….Inflating Cans

You may already know this one and if so, pass it on to someone who doesn’t.  I just learned this one after more than 55 years of tinkering…

One of the frustrations of having a shop for any length of time is to go the shelf, pull off a spray can of your favorite lubricant (WD40 or equivalent) and find the propellant has gone out…bummer.  Here’s all this perfectly good lube (you can feel it in the can as you shake it) but you can’t get it out of the can.  So now what do you do?
You can throw the can away in disgust.
You can put it on the shelf with the other 3 cans with the same problem.
But because of who I am, I can’t do that…just not in my DNA.  In the past, I have punctured the can, and poured it into a little bottle to be dribbled onto wherever I needed it.  Not very convenient or useful but frugal.

But there is a simpler solution:

Pull off the spray nozzle,
crank up your air compressor regulator to full pressure,
take your air nozzle and put it over the little tube that comes out of the can,
start blowing air and then
push down on the tube.
This will restock the can with propellant and it is now resurrected to be used until empty.  Be sure to release pressure on the tube before you release air pressure…

I don’t think this will work with spray paint as the air will start to dry out the paint in the can.  They use  solvent to create the pressure so there isn’t that problem.  This may work with other spray can contents but I haven’t tried them.  I just know this works with lubricants.

Now go and resurrect all those WD40 cans you have been saving and in doing so, you saved about $4 a can.  Not too bad for such a simple fix.

To those who think this might be dangerous, a 2 liter plastic bottle can handle about 150 pounds pressure.  I have personally put 130PSI many times into 2 liter bottle rockets and when released, they just disappear yonder in a hurry, no matter how much water propellant you use!

From a science website, summing up US Govt. Dept. of Trade regulations:

“Distortion pressure (popping the bottom or top) is always over 200 psig, usually
300 +. Burst pressure usually 400 +.”

But if you feel your high risk (or life insurance) alarms going off, better to throw the can away and go buy a new one.



Wisdom for the Day

“If sinners be damned, at least let them leap to hell over our bodies.  And if they will perish, let them perish with our arms about their knees, imploring them to stay.  If hell must be filled, at least let it be filled in the teeth of our exertions, and let not one go there unwarned and unprayed for.”  Spurgeon

When you say you love Jesus, what are you doing to show you are sincere?  He said, “If you love me, keep My commandments.”

We are spiritually impoverished to the degree we do not forgive.

Total true forgiveness is probably the hardest thing you will ever do.

Many wearing rapiers are afraid of quills.  Shakespeare.

In the world, managers use resources to build projects.  In God’s Kingdom, managers use projects to build people.

God loves you whole heartedly.  You can’t do the same?

The difference between the gross sinner and the one who only sins a little is like the distance from New York to Dallas as seen from the sun.

Forgiving others without the effort to be reconciled (regardless of the outcome) isn’t really forgiveness at all.

Disciples of convenience usually defect.




Quotes from Books from Holy Transformation by Kyle Idleman

More quotes from the book Holy Transformation by Kyle Idleman

As believers, we must lead lives that are progressively characterized by moral purity.  This direction in a Christian’s life is not an option or a maybe.  As a believer, your new life in Christ demands that you live a different way.

Holiness is about God making you whole.  He wants to save you out of a destructive pattern that not only breaks His heart and embarrasses His family when butterflies live like worms, but will also destroy you.  This is loving God.  His call to holiness isn’t about random rules.  God’s commands say, “Let Me protect you from yourself.”

Immoral living by a believer contradicts who we are…[and] contradicts who Christ is.

It’s inconceivable to live an immoral life and claim to be a faithful follower of Jesus.

If you have trusted Christ, you have been saved and cleansed and forgiven by the grace of God.  This is your motivation.  A good moral life is simply the natural by-product and reflection of a genuine, loving relationship with God.

…the most miserable people on the planet are people who are genuine believers who continue to live in known sin.

[I would add that no true believer can sin with impunity.  There is always a cost to sin, whether it shows or not.]

Wisdom for the Day

Those who reject God usually do so over moral issues, not intellectual dissatisfaction.

To deny you are thirsty will only dry up your soul.

A great danger for any teacher of Scripture is to tell more than you know.

You have often heard, “You can’t out-give God”.  Is that why you have stopped trying?

Many give their hearts to Jesus but, in looking at the church today, it seems giving their lives is optional.

Three people who for sure won’t be in Heaven are: Me, Myself and I.

There can be no healthy marriage without the asking and giving of forgiveness.

Tell me what you read and I will tell you what you are.  Goethe.

You can do more with a lively sinner than you can with a dead saint.


Seamless Design

(stay with me here, as there is application at the end…)

Seams in any product are used to join one material to another, whether the same or a different type.  With products that don’t show, there is little concern about how well the seams look, the emphasis is on strength and integrity of the joint, not cosmetics.

With products that show, the looks of the seam becomes more of an issue.  Strength and integrity are still the main emphasis and yet now a third ingredient is added, that of appearance.  In products where appearance and function are of primary importance, seams would either not show at all or be integrated into the design so as to disguise them. The seam should enhance the design, not draw attention to itself, while still having strength and integrity.  There should be a natural and unconscious transition from one material to another.

When planning the construction of any product, one tries for a seamless design, as it usually provides for the strongest construction, since the weakest point is usually at the seams.  Because of this, the choosing of materials and seams is just as important as the design.

The end result is to make the object appear seamless.  The more complex the design, the harder it is to insure integrity and strength without the use of seams.  This also makes it more difficult to conceal or incorporate any seams needed to complete the design.

If, then, the end goal is to have an object that is appreciated in its entirety, all the different parts must fit together so that no one part detracts from the others by drawing attention to itself.  This includes choice of materials, sub-assemblies and techniques for making the seams between the parts.

If the manufacturer does not have the facilities or skilled labor enough to produce complex objects, then he should have chosen a simpler design, simpler materials and seams to achieve a similar object, even if it is not as decorative as another person’s work.  There’s nothing worse than an overproduced object that is deficient in form, function and quality.  If the simpler seamless construction is also the strongest or most pleasing to the eye, then strive to produce the most complex forms following along the lines of the simpler design.

So it is with worship.  Those who are responsible for planning, preparing and leading worship services need to keep these same principles in mind.  The seams in a worship service are those times when the active participation of the worshipers pauses and the worship leader makes a seam from one part to another, either between songs, sharing or Scripture.  The seam needs to be strong but not stand out or show.  There needs to be a smooth flowing from one part to another.   One might think that the best objective is to have “seamless” worship, one without breaks.  Yet, the worship time can be made stronger and more meaningful with a few breaks that direct one’s thoughts towards some aspect of God.  The danger in this is, instead of being a smooth bridge of one part of the service to another, they become a ragged break that ruins the worshiper’s concentration.  There should be a conscious striving for invisibility of the “seam” in the service by those who plan, prepare and lead.

In our private worship times, anything that doesn’t enhance  this time with the Lord is a distraction.  We try to eliminate these when alone, but we tolerate them during our corporate time together.

The parts are just as important as the seams.  They must fit together so the seams don’t have to try to cover the ragged edges of ill fitting parts.  The parts must flow in content, tempo and emotion.  If the parts are integral to the whole, then the seams will be a natural extension of the parts, and the transition from one part to another will take less effort to achieve.

So what’s the point of all this?  There are lots of shoddy products (mostly from the Dollar Store) where the first thing one notices are the ragged seams, joining ill fitting parts, sometimes causing them to either fall apart quickly or not work at all.  In worship, the same is true.  We have all experienced shoddy, ill-planned worship times, where the bridges between the parts were the main thing we noticed, along with parts that didn’t fit together and the whole thing fell apart at the end.  All these things need to be carefully planned, not just the parts but the seams.

If the purpose of all worship is to glorify God and the goal of corporate worship is to enter individually and corporately into doing so, then the planning of corporate worship time is of ultimate importance and the leading of others into the Presence of God becomes a sacred honor and duty to be carefully, prayerfully and fearfully fulfilled.

Wisdom for the Day

Most people crave meaning in their lives but pursue happiness, thinking it will bring them meaning.  Rarely do the two to together.  “Meaning” always has a price.

Talk less so you can feel more.

God does not waste pain.

“Mega Church” is an oxymoron.

Those who come to Jesus for temporal needs get neither.  Those who come to Him for Himself get both.

The only thing worse than one who is spiritually blind and doesn’t want to see, is one who is blind and thinks they see.

God doesn’t need any help making His promises come true.

One of the biggest shocks and disappointments in life is to discover God is not like you.

Lasting satisfaction, joy, peace, happiness and contentment never come from anything outside yourself.