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Wisdom for the Day

It doesn’t make sense to hire smart people and then tell them what to do.  We hire smart people so they can tell us what to do.  Steve Jobs

The Dead Sea is dead because it does not give.

You will eventually live long enough to know that the American brand of Disneyland Christianity just isn’t true.  JP

Every person in Christian ministry has things in their heart that disqualifies them from leadership.  Look deep into your own heart and you won’t be so quick to judge.

Spiritual fruit is produced in and through you but never by you.

We are more sinful than we imagine, but God loves us way more than we can imagine.

The real problem is not whether machines think but whether men do.



Quotes From Books: Revival Praying by Leonard Ravenhill

Starting a new set of book quotes from the book Revival Praying by Leonard Ravenhill.  This book is a life shaping book and will shake you in your prayer life like no other.  I HIGHLY recommend you buy this book and read it and then read it again.  Quotes from this book will be hard to pick because I have whole pages marked.  So these won’t be short pithy sayings but a bit longer quotes.

He is a prophet for our days and it is well to read anything he has written.  He quotes a lot from other people and where this happens, I will give who said it.

“Brethren, the crying sin of the Church is her laziness after God.”  Samuel Chadwick

“If the church would only awaken to her responsibility of intercession, we could well evangelize the whole world in a short time.  Is it not God’s plan that the world be merely evangelized ultimately?  It should be a constant Gospel witness in every corner of the world so that no sinner need close his eyes in death without hearing the Gospel, the good news of salvation through Christ.”  T. A. Hegre

“If and when American civilization  collapses, historians of a future date can look back and sneer, “They entertained themselves to death.” (Tim Frankel) “America is laughing her way to hell.”  (Dr. Tozer)

I well remember a lady in New Zealand saying recently that she feared to pray for revival because national revival seems to be a prelude to coming judgement.  Maybe she is right, but better to have revival followed by judgement than to have judgement without revival preparation.

In Luke 15, the conspicuous failure in the life of the elder brother was that he measured his own goodness by the badness of his prodigal brother….Have we Christians dropped into the sin of the elder brother?  Are we who still have coals of fire on our altars measuring ourselves by the fireless altars of neighboring churches instead of checking on the praying blaze of our saintly forebears?

Wisdom for the Day

Your life will only be at peace when you finally live out your Biblical convictions.

There is no such thing as a trivial death.  But there are trivial men who die.

Every day, we need to repent and choose to believe the Gospel.  Yesterday’s faith won’t work today.

When you see a dirty homeless person, you are looking in the mirror. And then they turn into Jesus: “unto the least of these…”

Time is a great teacher that kills all of its students.

It takes a steady hand to hold a full cup.

Every stop sign gives you an opportunity to practice servanthood.

There is a reason they call it “fishing” and not “catching”.

Debt is slavery and one of the biggest killers of a marriage.

Garbage in Waiting

Garbage in Waiting

Recently in church, a woman shared about her trip to India, ministering in a slum.  We are shocked and saddened when we hear of those in poor countries who dig through junk, trash and garbage at the dump to find something of value they can use to either better their miserable lives or sell to have money for food to fill their family’s empty stomachs.

We here in the US are, many times, little different than these people; it’s just a matter of degree.  We dig through the world’s junk, trying to find some bobble or trinket to fill our empty souls and when we get hungry again, we have to go back and back and back until our homes are filled with yesterday’s needs.   We look to things around us to help give us meaning, when in twenty years, those very things will end up at the dump.  So it’s all just “garbage-in-waiting.”

But it’s the American Dream, to have lots of stuff and the more stuff we have, the happier we should be, we are told.  At least that’s what advertising would have us believe.  But I wonder, what happens when our souls get hungry again?   When will we finally realize it’s all empty calories, has no real significance, won’t fill the ache in our souls?  On our deathbeds, will we be grasping some gadget that promised to make our lives easier or some product that we heard that would make our lives meaningful?  Or will it be relationships that matter, especially our relationship with God, Who we will be facing soon?  In the end, after all has been burned away, will we find that it was all ashes after all, just hands full of ashes, just garbage-in-waiting?

Wisdom for the Day

God did not have you in mind when He blessed you.

Don’t think you have enough money to give to others in need?  You don’t have a money management problem, you have an ownership problem.

The human heart is an idol-making machine.

You are crazy if you think God will ride shotgun in your life.

No one drifts to where they want to be.

You make a living by what you earn, but a life by what you give.

Only still waters can give you an accurate reflection.

Discipling is teaching the truths of life and modeling how they are lived out.  Who is discipling your children 4-6 hours every day?

If you think you are wise, you are useless to the Kingdom of God.

What a nation honors, it cultivates.



Wood Working Tips and Tricks: Cross cut against the fence-NO!

This one isn’t really a tip so to speak, but a safety talk about table saws.  I’ve taken up turning wood bowls and I watched a YouTube video the other day that really made me shudder. I wasn’t the only one who saw this horrendous disregard for safety.  There were a lot of shocked woodworkers in the comment section.

A guy had some pieces that appeared to be about 3″ wide and needed to cut them to length.  He set the fence it appeared to be about 10″, and proceeded push the pieces through the saw with the skinny part against the fence, with NO guard.

This is the classic case of  what it takes to end up in the ER.  If he doesn’t push that  piece perfectly through the saw, if he cants the front of the piece a tiny bit to the left, he will end up wearing that piece of wood.  It will bind in the saw blade, and the blade will grab that piece and fling it back at him instantly, way faster than he can react.  Yes, he got away with it this time.  He may have done it 50 times.  But one day, he will get sloppy, everything won’t go perfect and it won’t make a pretty youtube video.  But it will be informative…

The rule is that you don’t cross cut any piece that is narrower than it’s length. So if you have a 3″ piece and need 10″ lengths, don’t cut them against the fence.  Exception is for pieces that are maybe over 12-16″ wide, then it’s ok but you still need to be super careful, or it will bind with catastrophic results.  At best, the saw will stop.  At worst, you could end up tearing the blade…I’ve seen it at a friend of mine.  Just think about that for a moment…I ended up cutting his material after that.

So if the piece is narrower than the intended length, never cross cut against the fence.  Use the miter gauge.  That’s what it’s for.  If you are cutting multiple pieces, then clamp a 2″ thick block of wood to the fence about 6″ back from the blade, and set that as the length.  Then when you crosscut with the gauge, it slips off the block and there is space between the blade and the fence for the piece to rattle around and not get caught in the blade.

And always have the guard on.  It will help keep that missile from nailing you.  Maybe.  Don’t get cocky thinking that it will.  It’s a guard, not an army.

The same goes for mitering against the fence.  Most table saws tilt towards the fence.  If you are mitering small pieces, that piece is trapped between the fence and the blade, and if it does not go through perfectly, it will come out of there like a bullet.  As an apprentice, I was doing stock cutting and and journeyman (a man with much pride in his skills, a basic know-it-all, had  nothing to learn) was working on a Unisaw (5HP motor) about 12′ from of the saw I was cutting on.  I heard this loud bang, and saw him crouching in front of the saw and finally fall to the floor.  What had he done?  He was mitering against the fence some small blocks (maybe 4″ square) on all 4 edges for some decorative purpose.  The trapped piece came out there (remember, these have 45 degree edges) and hit him in the stomach.  Fortunately for him, he wore some heavy coveralls and the heavy cloth took the brunt of the blow.  But it did leave a impression on my mind to this day and a check in my actions around the saw, when I think about doing something stupid.

So, please, always think safety.  If you think it’s dangerous, it probably is, at least for you.  Don’t do it.  If woodworking isn’t your lively hood, just think about how much work you will miss for doing something stupid, and possibly messing up your life with missing digits or an eye or two.  No hobby is worth it.  If your main thing is woodworking, regardless of what stripe, then you know better, and know what these machines can do to tender flesh.  If it can rip through hard rock maple, what will it do to your hand?  Are you superman who can stop a flying piece of wood at mach speed, have it bounce off your chest and the just get back to work? But we act like that sometimes, don’t we, to our peril.

I refer again to the saying I have up in my shop at eye level,

“There is no substitute for paying attention.”

I think it’s a worthy statement that needs to be in every shop.

Wisdom for the Day

We say, “Show me the way and I will obey and follow You.”  Jesus says, “Obey and follow me, and I will show you the way.”

Sin, when unrestrained, infantilizes a person; it causes one to act like a rebellious child.

Effectiveness in ministering to others has less to do with how much know and more on how much you have suffered.

Thankfulness is the thermometer of your soul.

For most American Christians, if you can’t “afford” to tithe, you are spending way too much on your creature comforts and “felt needs”, essentially, selfishness.

Your plans are not sacred.

“Grammar School” is an oxymoron.

You need the poor more than they need you.

It isn’t generosity when you have to give it all away when you die; it’s just good planning.