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Wisdom for the Day

We say, “Show me the way and I will obey and follow You.”  Jesus says, “Obey and follow me, and I will show you the way.”

Sin, when unrestrained, infantilizes a person; it causes one to act like a rebellious child.

Effectiveness in ministering to others has less to do with how much know and more on how much you have suffered.

Thankfulness is the thermometer of your soul.

For most American Christians, if you can’t “afford” to tithe, you are spending way too much on your creature comforts and “felt needs”, essentially, selfishness.

Your plans are not sacred.

“Grammar School” is an oxymoron.

You need the poor more than they need you.

It isn’t generosity when you have to give it all away when you die; it’s just good planning.



Quotes from Books Holy Transformation by Chip Ingram

More quotes from Holy Transformation by Chip Ingram.

Refuse short cut mentality.  It infects all of life. It makes us think we can live holy lives without holy training.

We want things to grow fast as weeds and look like oak trees.

Who said you have to make as much money as you can make?…We’re pushed, busy and diligent pursuing the American Dream rather than God’s dream for our lives and the lives of our children.   Life in the American Dream is busyness and over extension.  We live under pressure instead of under protection.

This is the last set of quotes from this life challenging book. Buy it.  Read it.

Wisdom for the Day

Now is the time when men decide about God.  But a day is coming when God will decide about men.

If ignored, excused or enjoyed, sin is progressive; sin grows.

If your life was the only evidence that Christ was alive, would anyone be convinced?

Being bold for Jesus should not have to be intentional.  It should flow naturally out of our love for Jesus and our neighbor.

I’d rather stand with God and be judged by the world than stand with the world and be judged by God.

I’m not the man I should be.
I’m not the man I will be.
But one thing I know,
I’m not the man I used to be.

When was the last time you sacrificed your reputation for God and righteousness?

Deep, a repost from another blog

This is a repost from a blog called uncompromisedchristianity, and is written by Pastor Frank Nolton.  His concise no-nonsense writings have inspired me and convicted me and I hope this post will do the same to/for you.

This is reposted by permission of the author.

I suggest you subscribe to his blog. He doesn’t post often but when he does, it’s totally worth the read.



by uncompromisedchristianity

Pastor Frank Nolton

The church today has a desperate need. It’s not for more individuals with PhD’s or ThD’s.  It’s not for more talented singers and musicians.  It’s not or more eloquent speakers.  Nor is it for more people with dynamic, charismatic personalities (those that possess the proverbial “it” factor).  I believe what the church needs now more than ever is deep Christians.  Followers of Jesus that leave the safety of shallow, superficial Christianity and risk it all to plunge into the depths of discipleship. Those who are not satisfied with a safe, predictable, status quo relationship with Jesus and dare to launch out to know Him as well as a human being can know Him in this life.

What is a deep Christian?  Deep Christians are those who really understand the cross and have a solid theological foundation in which to anchor their relationship with God on.  Deep Christians understand their total unworthiness and God’s mind boggling grace.  Deep Christians have a profound sense of humility, understanding what they were and yet understanding their present position as a child of the living God only because of His incredible grace.

Deep Christians come to God in spiritual brokenness and are totally dependent on Him in every aspect of life.  They die to self and surrender to Him completely, knowing that the only reason for their existence is to bring Him glory.  And this brokenness, surrender, and dying to self is with gladness and joy.  They don’t care what anyone thinks about them, they only care what God knows about them.  Deep Christians hunger and thirst for holiness, and hunger and thirst to know Jesus more.  They bear fruit for God’s kingdom, and desire that He, and only He, gets the glory.

Deep Christians are definitely not spiritually weird in that they have their heads so far in the clouds that they can’t relate to others, or are smug and obnoxious Bible thumpers who act superior to others.  Nor are they perfect super saints who have “arrived”.  They just live their lives in the power of the Holy Spirit and and emanate the sweet aroma of Jesus wherever they go, even if they are hated by others, criticized, or laughed at.

Deep Christians know Jesus intellectually, pursue Him relentlessly, approach Him reverently, love him intimately, follow Him unconditionally, worship Him passionately, stand up for Him unashamedly, serve Him excellently, and enjoy Him gladly.

Are you a deep Christian?  My friend, don’t settle for shallowness and superficiality.  Don’t be like so many Christians who are an inch deep and a mile wide.  Leave the safety and predictability of the shallows and dare to plunge deeply into our incredible God.  He wants you to.  Dive deep, you’ll never regret it.


reblogged by permission


February 18, 2019 at 4:59 pm


Wisdom for the Day

An idol is taking a good thing and making it the most important thing, which then can become an obsession, which turns into an addiction, which without the intervention of God, will eventually and ultimately consume you.

You are never more like God than when you show mercy to someone who doesn’t deserve it.

When will Christians finally get tired of playing at church and finally become the church and fulfill the mission God gave her?

No outward reformation can bring lasting peace.

The most truly gifted are usually the least conscious of their gifts.

No act is wise that ignores remote consequences.

A sermon misses it’s mark if it hits no one.


Woodworking Tips and Tricks: Vix Bit or Self Centering Drill Bit

There are some tools in my arsenal (that implies that I attack wood with weapons..some days it feels like that with the resulting outcomes) are just mundane and I don’t think much about them.  I just grab it and go.  This last week I used one that I can’t imagine being without.

It’s called a Vix Bit, or self centering drill bit.  They are cheap and will save you a LOT of misery.  It’s a spring loaded taper with a drill bit inside.  It’s used for drilling a hole centered in a recess, like on a hinge or other hardware.  They come in various sizes.  I use two, one for #8 screws and one for #6 screws, 99 percent of what I use.

Let’s say you have built a masterpiece, and one of the last things is getting that hinge or lid latch perfectly located.  You carefully lay it out, mark it off on the piece, double check everything, and then drill a pilot hole so the screw goes in straight and true.  But all your measuring didn’t account for grain that pulled the drill bit sideways and now the screw is no longer centered in the hardware hole.  Or say you don’t drill a pilot hole and even with a self centering punch (like the vix bit but with a pointed end instead and hit with a hammer), the grain will still wreak havoc with driving the screw straight and centered.  Or maybe you are really adventurous and drive a screw by eye.  Even a little bit off can cause problems, even if it’s just that the screw head does not fit perfectly in metal recess and looks amateurish.

The simple vix bit solves this problem.  I bought mine as an apprentice over 40 years ago and am still using them, almost every week.  I have drilled probably thousands of holes with those bits and I can’t imagine doing the job with any kind of precision without them.

Yes, you have to hold the drill as 90 degrees as you can get it or the bit doesn’t work too good at centering. But I have found that it’s easier and more accurate than doing it by eye.

This pilot hole is especially necessary when screwing into very hard materials, where driving small screws can snap them off, especially brass.  Better be safe than sorry!  And if the wood is soft, you can still use the bit to start the screw centered by just drilling a dimple in the wood and not go all the way in.

One trick with brass screws is to use a steel screw first to make the threads and then use the brass screw.  Saves from snapping them off.  You only get enough screws in the package and if you break one, you have to not only get the broken nub out, but also find another matching screw.

Go buy at least the two I mention and you will wonder why you waited.

Wisdom for the Day

A work of art is never finished, only abandoned to the viewer.

You can’t pursue man’s approval and God’s approval at the same time.

Jesus is not a fixer but a redeemer.  But the redeemed need to be willing.

Prosperity is carbon monoxide to the soul.

Entrance into heaven isn’t based on how good you are, but how bad you are.  Jesus didn’t come for the righteous, but for sinner.

Since God is omnipresent, He is present in hell.  No wonder Jesus came to die for us.

Contentment is not just being satisfied with what you have but also with what you don’t have.

Prosperity does not have the power to make you happy.  The sooner you learn that, the sooner you will abandon the pursuit.

If you don’t understand hell, you won’t understand John 3:16.